Jesh De Rox: Everything is perfect

most of the time, when people use the word 'perfect', they refer to the end, the arrival at a particular finishing point. this kind of perfection is, by definition, very uncommon. like the last paragraph of a book, it takes many paragraphs to get to and represents a very small percentage of the whole.

people who spend their time constantly looking for this kind of perfection are often in a state ...of disappointment and can develop inaccurately dismal perceptions of themselves and the world around them. their judgement for, disappointment with and rejection of the present circumstance disconnects them from their ability to connect with and influence it.

but 'perfect' can also be used to describe the beginning. this kind of perfection is everywhere because anywhere can be a perfect place to begin.

people who look for this kind of perfection find it easily. they see themselves and the world around them as exciting, full of possibilities and opportunities. as they accept the present circumstance for what it is, they connect with it, allowing them to interact with and influence it.

this is the mindset of people who affect change - dreamers, explorers, inventors and revolutionaries. our heroes. they see uncharted territory, unsolved problems and even social injustice as places to begin… in the eyes of the creative, everything is perfect