A moment for Moment Design

What draws you into a photograph?  Is it the light, the way it envelops the subject?  The shadows and the way they seem to dance across an image or make us want to see just a bit more?  If the image is of people, is it how they are connecting and experiencing one another, maybe an intimate moment coupled with a voyeuristic point of view?  Does a direct gaze from the subject pull you in?  These are all questions worth asking.  So think about it…seriously, take a minute and ask yourself these questions.  What is it that tugs at your heart strings, pulls you into a photo, speaks to your soul?  What makes you feel something!?  And why aren’t YOU creating these types of images? 

Jackie from the fawn & fern photography talks about how Jesh De Rox teaches us the beauty of Moment Design. A technique which helps creates a safe space for both the photographer and the subject(s) to interact on a deeper level. It allows you to enter something more intimate and real with your subject.

Sounds interesting? Head over to Jackie's blog to read more